Monday, October 15, 2012

"Baby I'm-A Want You" by Bread (1972)

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"Here I am on my hands and knees, struggling in my dungarees."

Filed between: Boston and Shirley Brown

Key Tracks:
Everything I Own and Diary (with each owing a heavy debt to the nostalgia filter)

Obvious Filler & Swings-and-Misses:
There are several to choose from, but I think the worst two have to be This Isn't What the Governmeant (get it?) and the (hopefully) parodic vocal stylings of I Don't Love You

My Overall Rating of the Tracks Separately:
Average (2/4 stars)

I was really curious to see how I would rate this entry.  I really liked Bread when I was in middle school, but I have drifted away from this type of music over the years.  It threw me for an immediate curveball when the first sound after the needle dropped was a distorted guitar churning out power chords.  Mother Freedom isn't a great song, but hey, at least it's an effort.

And that seemed to be the trend for pretty much all of "Baby I'm-A Want You."  Bread's take on trying to write Beatles' songs is a fair aim, they just don't have a lot in the way of creativity.  So, the result is a decent endeavor but ultimately forgettable for the most part.

Except, of course, for that wonky nostalgia filter.  "Hokey" doesn't begin to describe songs like Diary where the narrator thinks the girl he loves wants to marry him, but then in a turn of dramatic irony finds out that she was actually writing about some other dude.  And so, our intrepid narrator happily wishes her well.  Like I said...  But none of that matters.  What matters is that this song seemed like some deep shit to an eleven year old.  "The Best of Bread" was one of the first CDs our family got, and I used to spend hours listening to it and America's "History" in our living room and just soaking it all in.

So, is it an album?  No.  The nostalgia filter only goes so far.

Up next, something that completely breaks the ground rules I established for this project; it's pre-1965 AND it's a complilation.  But I don't care, I'm spinning it anyway.  It's "The Early Beatles."  The Beatles!!!

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